Colorado; Changes

Today is day 7 in my visit to Colorado.
It’s kinda amazing how much somewhere can change in the span of two years. Well maybe not the place per say, but the people who are here and their lives. I mean, my life is way different, so I couldn’t expect everything here to stay the same.

I am not saying that I’m not enjoying myself because I am; I love it here and I love love my friends. Things are just different.

Not bad, just different…. it’s just a reminder of life and no matter what you want it to look like, things are always changing and shifting and moving.

Just purchased my own car insurance policy! And while I feel super adult and responsible I can’t help but feel the whole “being grown up” thing is way over rated.

Being an adult is expensive. I miss being a kid; when I had a job in high school it was merely to pay for gas for my car and to purchase things I wanted, not things I needed, and I definitely never had bills to worry about.

Now I got car insurance, phone, internet, rent, blah blah blah.

welcome to reality

Merry Christmas!

I know I haven’t been around much lately… almost constant double shifts will do that to you.
Not to mention I have had laryngitis since Saturday and I sound horrible. I just cannot kick whatever sickness has been plaguing me for almost a month. It just keeps morphing into some other sickness every time I think I am finally over it.

However, a few new things have happened and I am excited to share!!

I finally decided what I will be doing with the next year or so of my life and let me tell you, I feel so so so much less stressed out than I was before. I am going to apply for a job in Yosemite for next summer; I really want to work there for a summer or so and if I don’t do it now, I never will so I am going to just go for it! In the meantime and while I am there, I am going to study my butt off to take my dietetic technician exam. Once I pass that (hopefully the first time I take it) I will be a dietetic technician, and I get to put DTR after my name, and I will also be able to get an adult job in my field of study. Yay! This is assuming everything goes to plan.
The only downside to this is now my parents are going to start charging me to live in their house, which I think is totally fair, I was just enjoying living here for free. But they had been letting me live rent and bill free under the assumption I was going to do a dietetic internship or go to grad school right away; since I am no longer doing either of those things (at least not at this point in my life), I have to start paying my way. My dad even jokingly referred to me as his room mate the other day.

Anyway, this is not why I stopped by. Mostly it was to say Merry Christmas and I hope everyone got to spend it with family and got everything on their list! I myself got some pretty cool stuff, including a new pair of ski googles, a couple of new beanies and some awesome jeggings! Plus, it’s snowing here where I live, and while I live forty minutes away from one of the best ski resort towns in the nation, it rarely snows in the town where I live so seeing snow this evening when I got out of the movies from seeing The Hobbit was definitely the icing on the cake of a great Christmas! 🙂


My sister and I today when we took the dogs for a walk with the parents


Reno Santa Crawl

So, as mentioned below, I went to Reno for the weekend.

I just graduated from University of Nevada with my BS this past May and I lived there for two years. Most of my friends still live there; I miss them all dearly so I decided to pick the weekend of the Santa Pub Crawl to visit them. Let me just say, it was fun!!! Rowdy, crowded, drunk fun!

Part of the crew prior to us leaving for downtown Reno. Let me just say, my friends know how to pre-game.
Still at my friend’s house. (Also, I know as of yet, you haven’t actually seen me, so I’m the one on the right)


At bar #1…. Haha, however, this is when I stop sharing the photos from the actual crawl because beyond this point, we’re just all so drunk and it’s very apparent.

But I know y’all will believe me when I say it was a grand time 🙂

What the hell?!

So, I know my last post said I HAD been sick….

Well, I guess I am still sick? I was fine for a couple of nights, woke up with a 102 fever last Thursday before work. Then I was fine by Thursday night, worked for twelve hours on Friday at two of my jobs… still fine. Saturday I head to Reno for the night (which is a whole other story soon to follow), get a tad rowdy with my friends, wake up Sunday morning hung over but still feeling ok, or not ill. Sunday night I get about two-thirds way done with my drive and I begin to feel horrible.
It came on slowly, first my arms started to hurt, and then my head, I felt my car was getting way too hot, I became way more tired than I should have been, etc. I made it home, took some ibuprofen, took my temperature – no fever- and then decided to just go to sleep because Monday was supposed to be another twelve hour work day.
It didn’t quite work out that way….

At about 1 am, I wake up, my arms both feel as though some Hulkish monster is squeezing them and I am totally sweating. Turns out I have a 102 temperature. Ok fine, I take a few more ibuprofen and try to get some sleep. NOPE! At about 2 I wake up again, this time crying I hurt so bad and I immediately jump in the shower to cool off. My mom hears me turn on the shower and comes into my bathroom to check on me and proceeds to take care of me the rest of the night. Thank the gods for that amazing woman because without her I seriously might have died (you may think I am kidding but just wait for the rest of the ridiculousness to unfold).
After that first shower and drinking about a gallon of watered down juice, we get my temperature to about 100 and I go back to sleep. Then around 4 am my mom wakes me up to see how I am doing, takes me temperature….. and it is 104! So second cool shower/bath of the night. I had to stay in there for a good hour and a half before my temperature began to come down, even with ibuprofen. My mom sat with me the whole time making sure I stayed awake and that I was ok. I was so fucked and had such a high temp, all I was doing was crying and telling her how tired I was. I know part of the time she was debating whether to just cart me to the ER. Finally, around like 6:30 it was safe for me to go to sleep as I was around 101 and no longer in danger of going into a coma.
My dad called my job at the ski area for me to tell them I can’t come to work, and then he made an appt for me at the doctor’s office, because obviously there is something weird going on with me since I have three flash fevers in the past few weeks, this one being scary scary high.

Welllllll, my 11:20 appointment rolls around and guess who no longer has any fever?! Yea, this girl. NOTHING! Only a mildly annoying sore throat.
All they told me was to keep handling it the way I have been handling it and to come back if I don’t get better. I understand it is probably a viral infection so there is nothing they can really do, but seriously, thanks-a-fucking-lot.

That was yesterday and I feel fine now minus the sore throat.

What the hell?!

I have been sick, hence my not being around for a bit. The flu is a nasty nasty thing….

However, prior to my falling ill, I had quite an awesome week last week! Went skiing two days, went x-country skiing another day, one of my best friends also just moved back to California from Hawaii so we celebrated for that as well!

I also worked seven days in a row last week and this week won’t be any less jam packed, except for today, where I spent most of my morning in my sweats like I did all weekend; I got both my mom and sister sick so I have been lounging around the house with them today.

And while I did work a lot and got pretty damn sick this past week, I also had a lot of fun and it just makes me remember how great I have got it.

  • Not only do I have one job, I have three… and while it keeps me crazy busy, I also make some pretty good money and since I live at my parents house right now, for free, I get to save lots of it for future use
  • When I do get sick, I have a mom who helps me out and brings me liquids and food and administers medicine. It was awesome, all I had to do was lay in bed and watch Netflix
  • I live in one of the most magnificently beautiful places on Earth and I get to partake in a ton of awesome outdoor activities alllll the time! It is essentially Heaven

So there you have it! I am in a great mood and I love my life! Sometimes I forget that, when I really shouldn’t.